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Anna Hernandez / Luna Textiles Award

Woman entrepreneurs who own a business or firm specializing in interior design or product design are encouraged to apply for the Anna Hernandez/Luna Textiles Award. The firm must have been in existence for a minimum of three (3) years and no more than ten (10) years.

For questions on the award, email foundation@iida.org

Open Date Monday, January 8, 2024
Close Date Monday, March 11, 2024

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Application Requirements

Website or Portfolio

  • Please include a link to your company’s website or a link to your online portfolio.

Written Component

  • Statement describing your firm or business, maximum 100 words.
  • Statement of your overall contributions to the interior design profession, maximum 350 words.
  • Description of what you would likely use the monetary award for, maximum 150 words

Video Component

  • A brief 3–5 minute video in which you, in your own words, describe your firm and your approach to success. Please include a description of the progress and growth of your firm since inception, your experience as an entrepreneur in the design industry, and details on how you approach mentoring aspiring designers and emerging professionals.

Letters of Recommendation

  • Three (3) separate letters of recommendation in PDF file format and individually saved. We suggest each letter represents a different peer or voice from your time in the industry. Examples could include previous employers, past business associates, current peers, a vendor or company you’ve worked closely with, educators or mentors.